Academic Programs

Alongside the Ministry of Education Curricula for Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Social Studies, AIS offers a Canadian curriculum (Alberta) that builds on students’ needs, experiences and interests in an environment that fosters personal growth and well-being. Curriculum outcomes provide students with opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding, skills, thinking processes, and values and attitudes that prepare them to be lifelong learners and active citizens in the community.

The teachers and support staff at AIS work diligently to help our students to understand and use new learning tools inspiring them to become engaged thinkers who contribute to their communities.

AIS offers the following subjects: Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Career Planning, Information and Communications Technology, and Fine Arts.

Contact Us

  • Address: Al Salam Street
  • Opposite Al Khoudh Police Station
  • AlKhoudh, Seeb District
  • Sultanate Of Oman
  • Tel: +968 2455 4711, +968 2418 4015
  • School Bus: +968 9229 1641
  • Registrar: +968 9111 2605