Mother Day Celebration

KG2 Students Honor their Mothers!

KG2 classes had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration today! They made cards and crafts to appreciate their mothers. They demonstrated their knowledge of plants and showed their best work from this current unit of inquiry. Thank you to all the moms who came today!

Mothers Day

I Love My Mom

Grade 2 students celebrate Mother's Day in assembly. They performed a wonderful song and skit to a gym full of their peers, teachers and parents.

Quran Competition Ceremony

الرّوّادُ فِي رِحَابِ القُرآن الكريمِ
 ومَا زَالَ عَطَاءُ الرُّوَّادِ مُستَمرًّا فِي بَرنَامَج القُرآنِ الكَرِيمِ حَيثُ تَأَهّلَت الطّالِبَةُ / شِيم بنْت سُعُود العويسِية بالصّفِّ السّادِسِ للتصْفِياتِ النَّهَائِيّة عَلَى مُسْتَوى السّلْطَنةِ فِي مُسَابَقَةِ القرآن الّتِي عُقِدَت بِالمَدرَسِةِ تّحتَ إِشرَافِ المُدِيرِيّة العّامّةِ للمَدَارِسِ الخّاصَّة للعَامِ الدّرَاسِيّ 2018 / 2019م .
كَمَا قَامَت المَدرَسَةِ بِتَكْرِيمِ الطّلّاب المُشَارِكِين فِي المُسَابَقَةِ.
سَائِلِين المَولَى جَلّ وَعَلَا أَن يُوَفّق الجَمِيعَ لخِدْمَةِ كِتَابِه الْكَرِيمِ
مَع تَحِيّات أُسْرَةِ القُرآن الكَرِيمِ بالمَدْرَسِةِ.

AIS student photographers!

The world is full of photographers but they don't compare to our AIS student photographers!
These wonderful, creative students that make up the AIS Photo Squad share a similar passion and love for photography. Check out these wonderful snaps they took of our National Day celebration.

48th National Day Preparation

AIS Students worked hard for many weeks, under the direction and supervision of their teachers, in preparation for the AIS National Day Celebrations.

48th National Day

The AIS gymnasium was full of loving parents as the AIS community watched the 48th Annual National Day Celebration performances put on by our talented students.

Overnight Camping Trip for Grade 6 & 7 Students

Dear Parents,

AIS has collaborated with Muscat Adventure to go on an overnight-two day camping trip. We feel it is valuable for your child to learn with their peers in an outdoor environment.

Where: Jebel Akhdar

When: Girls: May 8th at 7:30 am until May 9th at 3:00 pm

Boys: May 10th at 7:30 am until May 11th at 3:00 pm.

For more information: Click Here

To fill out the Permission-Medical Form please Click Here

Fire Drill Success

Fire Drill Success 

On December 1st, 2016, we successfully completed our first fire drill of the 2016 school year. Students, as always, did an amazing job at exiting the building. They did so in a calm and orderly fashion, following the instructions of their teacher. We had all staff and students out in 7 minutes! We are very proud and happy with their performance. Job well done, AIS! 
Check out these awesome photos captured that day.

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