The advanced academic program at AIS requires unique facilities to complement it. Our laboratories, music room, art room, interactive classes, and sports facilities are all modernly designed and equipped, and are operated and maintained by qualified staff. We have created an advanced environment in which students can thrive and enhance their talents and skills.


AIS offers a broad range of services to our students on and off campus.

School Clinics

School Clinic

 Full time nurse on duty in school documents the students’ medical records and is on call for any emergency.

Bus Services

School Bus

The school's air-conditioned buses equipped with tracing device, provide transportation to all students to every location in Muscat and it suburbs.


School Library

The school library includes a host of references, scientific and cultural publications in Arabic, and English. A wide range of novels in both languages are available for students to borrow. It is equipped with state of the art technology and computers to allow online research and data access.

Art Workshop

Art Workshop

Art classes for all grades are conducted in the art workshop which is strategically placed to give the students easy access during their free time.

Science Lab

Science Lab

The science lab has been designed to allow each student direct but supervised access to the material and instruments needed to facilitate the understanding of scientific concepts, and procedures. Hands-on learning is enhanced by interactive software, 3D models charts and science kits.

Computer Lab


Computer Science is an integral part of the school's curriculum. The state-of-the-art computer lab is equipped to accommodate a complete class, each student with an individual unit. The Internet is accessible from any PC in the lab and the school utilizes the facilities available to their fullest.

Athletic facilities


They include an indoor swimming pool, a football field on an artificial surface, a dedicated teachers’ Gym as well as a grassy outdoor playing area and a covered playground.



AIS has a cafeteria that services its students and staff. AIS offers several options for brunch and lunch each day, with a menu that helps promote healthy habits in eating by eliminating unnecessary fats/sugars, fatty oils and similar unhealthy but popular choices from it, and replacing them with exciting and healthy rich meals.

Contact Us

  • Address: Al Salam Street
  • Opposite Al Khoudh Police Station
  • AlKhoudh, Seeb District
  • Sultanate Of Oman
  • Tel: +968 2455 4711, +968 2418 4015
  • School Bus: +968 9229 1641
  • Registrar: +968 9111 2605
  • Email: admission@ais.edu.om