Extra Curriculum Activities

Extra Curriculum Activities at AIS

At AIS we offer a vast array of extra curriculum and after school activities designed to enrich student learning, encourage creativity, broaden horizons and develop additional skills. Our activities include field trips to local cultural sights and events (e.g. the children library of Muscat, Royal Opera House, the Book Fair, etc.), natural hotspots (e.g. Daymaniyat Islands, etc.), social institutions (e.g. Civil Defense, etc.), museums (Oman Children Museum, etc.), local public authorities, local businesses (3rd Street Doughnuts, etc.) and many more. 

The activities provide opportunities for personal development for students by introducing them to different interests and experiences. We encourage all students to follow their interests and learn new skills or perfect existing ones.
Alruwad International School is pleased to present a rich and varied extra-curricular programme which is an ideal complement for the harmonious development of your child after the school day. Whether in the cultural, artistic, scientific, sports or recreational field, your child will have a place of choice, and will be in contact with qualified teachers, who know how to share and pass on their passion. Students have the opportunity to develop their proficiency in and knowledge of the arts, sciences, sports, design, culture, languages, or recreational activities. Our highly qualified teachers and coaches are experts in their field with a passion for passing on their skills to students.

Finally, many more activities are interwoven in our yearly academic calendar: For instance we organize the Alruwad International School Book Week, the AIS Ramadan Cooking Challenge, and we celebrate the National Day of the Sultanate of Oman amongst many others activities that strengthen the relationship between students, teachers, parents and the local community.

We look forward to welcoming your child to the programme!